[volt-nuts] the end of light bulbs as we know it was Re: Safe power-up. was (Solartron 7075 ...)

Marv Gozum @ JHN marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Tue Oct 11 18:23:29 UTC 2011

I recall a similar method in the past, it was great for linear 
supplies.  An interesting development is that incandescent bulbs are 
being phased out of the USA by 2014, locally I haven't seen one 
installed in over 5 years.  In my household, I don't have any 
anymore.  Since the price is on par with CFL, most everyone I know 
are using them since 2005.  In Canada, you can't even find them in stores.


At 08:55 PM 10/10/2011, gbusg wrote:
>I like your test method, Warren.
>Regarding switch-mode power supply issues: Once or twice a year we had power
>brown-outs in the neighborhood where I used to work. The lights would dim,
>but power wouldn't necessarily cut-out completely right away. You could hear
>various computers and pieces of equipment intermittently beeping or humming,
>and relays clicking in some equipment. At that point we would manually
>turn-off all equipment as quickly as possible!
>After power returned to normal and we turned everything back on, there was
>about a 50% chance one or more HP 8662A signal generators were smoked. The
>problem was always the switch mode power supplies in them. Most HP equipment
>seemed to survive the brown-out, but, based on those experiences, I would be
>leery (if not downright afraid) to try running a 8662A on reduced AC primary

Best Wishes,

Marv Gozum

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