[volt-nuts] LT1013 aging

Andreas Jahn Andreas_-_Jahn at t-online.de
Mon Oct 17 21:54:39 UTC 2011

Hello Will,

If they are in a hermetically (metal or ceramic) housing
I would expect that they have well stabilized.

>From my experiences with my voltage references I can derrive
that with a plastic case most of the non cummulative
ageing depends on mechanical stress due to relative humidity.
After some pre-ageing the output change of the references
due to humidity is much larger (about 0.5ppm/% rH giving
up to 10 ppm over a 20% rH change)  than the drift over time.
(which is between 0 .. 3 ppm/year for 2 LT1027CCN8-5
relative to a well pre-aged and hermetically sealed
LM399H reference).

So if the root cause is similar I would expect similar behaviour
from a op-amp. But each treatment of the op-amp like soldering
will issue mechanical stress and I would expect that it will
at least need some weeks until the device will stabilize again.

With best regards


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> Today I found at work a printed circuit board with eight LT1013
> op-amps all dated 1989. It is an unused spare part board for something
> trashed a long time ago. As a bonus the single sided copper makes it
> easy to unsolder the components with minimal heating.
> According to the LT1013 datasheet the offset long term stability is
> pretty good: 0.5 uV per month typically for a new device. But even
> that (if cumulative) can be a problem in the most demanding
> applications.
> Is it realistic to expect that those 20+ years old op-amps are much
> more stable than same type manufactured this year?
> Will
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