[volt-nuts] 3458A Questions - RAM size opt. 01

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
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Great information!  I think I will chase down the four chips, install them
and see what happens.

My conundrum is that if I send it back to Agilent for their 'Repair Per
Incident' for $2300+, will they change the A5 board or not?  If not, and
they just change the chips, as they have suggested is their preference, then
I would plan on removing the EPROM and the three Dallas chips (since they
need to be changed from time to time given their on board batteries),
installing sockets, archiving the chips (along with the data on any chips
Agilent might install), then reinstalling the chips.  However, if they are
going to change the board and give me the updated board with the on board
batteries, there would be no point in doing that other than archiving the

If I give Agilent a '001' meter for repair, and they change the A5 board,
hopefully I will get a new '001' A5 board in return, all for the cost of
just the chips.

I guess I'll just have to ask them.


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>Thanks.  That's what I was looking for.  On mine (No Options), I get
>  14152'.

>  When I input 'OPT?' I get 'OPT 0,0' which is what I would expect.  I
>  if I just install the RAM, would it return an indication that Option 001
>  installed?  Somehow, I think that it would need a change in the EPROM.

>  Joe


just tested that, I really get 'OPT 1,0' on OPT? query!

You definitely have to place the RAMs only, and its done.

I remember, 20 years ago in 1990 @ university, I was allowed to order this
brand new DMM for a lump of money..
I needed additional buffer for digitzing, but was too cheap to order
originally from HP.
Then, I was very anxious to install those RAMs without asking my professor
for approval, which he never would have given, because he was acting more
mechanically than electronically .
But it worked instantly, as hoped for.
So, just do it.

Now I wonder, how to activate option 02, reading perhaps as 'OPT 1,2' (not
documented) as I now also have - by design - a high stability reference

I think, there was an unused, or strange pin on the LTZ ref. board..let's


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