[volt-nuts] Julie Research Labs Voltage Reference ZVR-506

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I looked at tweaking the design. It's really good, especially for the time.
I think using an external amp to scale it is your only option. On the
Voltavider they scale 12.6V to 10 V. Altering the innards if the cube will
not prove too satisfying. I'm sure the manufacturing process had several
temp and aging processes that would be hard to duplicate.

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Thanks for the information provided, it is a little more than I was able to
find myself. Also thanks for the offer of documenting the connections but
that should not be required.

My ZVT-506's came out of some specialist equipment, that was designed in the
1970's, that was used to measure (and compare) the outputs of thermal
converters at 7mV and they were looking for short term ppm stabilities to do
this. All of this now is done with nano-voltmeters. I rescued the voltage
reference circuitry that was all mounted in an ovenised enclosure. So I too
will have to sit down and try and trace out the circuitry. I would like to
try and convert the circuitry into some more usable like a 10V reference. I
realise that these references are not as good as today's reference (by
LTZ1000 standards) but I have a soft spot for old gear and 25 ppm per year
more than adequately covers my home lab requirements. 

Again thanks,


Steve Grady
(Sydney Australia)

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I found a pdf of the datasheet. I have attached it. The part was used in,
among other things, a JRL voltavider. I have something on that as well
attached. I have a voltavider but the voltage reverence was lifted and
replaced with something far worse. If you need I can dig it out and try to
document the connections. No promises that it can happen soon. You may also
be able to get details from http://www.ohm-labs.com/ who has acquired all of
Julie's technology. 


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Fellow Volt-Nuts,


I have in my possession a couple of Julie Research Labs ZVR-506 6V zener
references that came out of some gear that was manufacturer in the 1970's. I
have not been able to find detailed information on them only generalised
specifications. Does anyone have and detailed information on the pin
connections. It is a small cube 7/8 inch and uses a 9 pins on the base that
fit a standard valve type socket.




Steve Grady

Sydney Australia



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