[volt-nuts] Low thermal EMF solder

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The sexual attractiveness of Halley Berry and the intellect of Albert
Einstein would be one thing but don't get it reversed.


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Yes, I made some.   Melted pure cadmium and tin together in a ceramic
crucible,  stirred with quartz rod,  dripped it into large pyrex dish to
make thin splatters  (I hoped to make some kind of mold for casting wire,
but never did).  Note that no metal was used in the fabrication (copper
would probably have been OK) that would interfere with the magic low thermal

Cadmium is your friend.  You should make the solder in a small closed room
and deeply inhale the vapors...  there are too many people on the planet.
It will give you the sexual attractiveness of  George Clooney and/or Halley
Berry and/or give you the intellect of Albert Einstein (or was it Albert
Gore?).  Martha Stewart says that you can also spread it on crackers for a
nice springtime snack.  At least that's what I remember the MSDS as saying.
For some reason things have been a bit fuzzy since.

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