[volt-nuts] 7081 connector part number Q

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M K,

I *think* the 102 and 103 series are a different size.

I have been able to order the 104 parts from Kensington Electronics in
Austin, TX.  I recall they have a $50 minimum but each connector, with cable
clamps, etc., is just over $50.  They show 5 in stock.


I have dealt with Melanie Randles, Inside Sales, [(512)339-3306 Direct Line]
and she has been very helpful. 

Good luck.


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Does anyone know if the farnell 5 pin fischer connectors are interchangeable
with the solartron connector?

I have found some on the farnell site, all 5 pin, but they are 102 and 103
series connectors.

S 102 A054-130+ - PLUG, IP68, PUSH-PULL, 5WAY
S 103 A054-130+ - PLUG, IP68, PUSH-PULL, 5WAY
Instead of the old number I found which was:
S 104 A053-130+



PS it has held to about 0.12 microvolts of drift since 8:30 am GMT, I am
pleased with that, seeing as it has not been used for months? years? and
only been working for about 24 hours.

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