[volt-nuts] 7061 statistics , dont understand

Fabio Eboli fabioeb at quipo.it
Sat Apr 21 15:04:20 UTC 2012

Ed, I'll try to understand better the student's distribution,
should it give numbers not that far from a normal distribution?

If it can help, the standard deviation calculated by 7061 tend
to stabilize to a value very near to the one showed before,
also with more samples.
I used 13 samples because it was easy to check the values by hand.
It converges in the first few samples and stabilizes to about 2.4E-4
also if the samples are hundreds (the first test I made was with more
than 700 samples).
Visually all the measurements seem to have about the same noise that the
13 samples have, few uV up and down,
My problem is that the manual says that the 7061 calculates the
standard deviation the normal way.
But the values calculated by the instrument seem a pair of orders
of magnitude too high.

So probability says that there must be something stupid I'm doing wrong :)


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