[volt-nuts] Guide to programming the Hitachi 6303?

Bob Paddock bob.paddock at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 20:40:45 UTC 2012

> I am massively hampered in this task as I don't have any experience of assembly programming 6800 or similar CPUs (or indeed any micro processors).  Are there any good resources online I can download, or books I can buy to that will get me on the road.

Long version  where I answered that question on my blog:

Short version, get this; "Understanding Small Microcontrollers" by
James M. Sibigtroth:


6805 is close enough to the 6800 that you'll get the concepts.

I used the EPROM version of the 6303 long ago.  It was touchy to the
reset pin timing.
If it only has a pull-up and cap on the reset line, make sure that cap
hasn't go bad.

Do you truly have the ROM 6303 or do you have a EPROM 6303 (6703?
Doesn't look right.)?

Think I do still have a 6303 Op-Code Reference Cheat Sheet here that I
could scan,  if that would help you out?  I know I got rid of the data
books long ago.


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