[volt-nuts] Power Designs Precision Power Supplies

Marvin E. Gozum marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Wed Apr 25 13:31:09 UTC 2012

Hi Mark, the manuals for these units are online, but the image 
reduction for the schematic makes it hard to read, but some sleuthing 
will tease out labels on the components.


The original source is from KO4BB manuals site but its not indexed on 
the html links, but it can be googled, above is a browse with dl 
links when it comes back online.

Yes, 3+ decades later, the units I have are working great, as-is 
without maintenance, it will need a little tweaking to align the 
analog meter and recal the dial, I can dial in 1ppm in a setting fairly easily.

Except for some unobtaniums, the unit was built to last and, has 
already proven its quality, QED.

At 09:46 PM 4/23/2012, Mark Sims wrote:

>I have 3 2020B's and a 5020 that I would greatly appreciate the manuals for.
>As far as why one would buy them instead of HP, etc...  because they 
>are oh, SOOOO sexy.  And frankly nobody really ever made anything 
>that worked better.   And you can occasionally snag a perfectly good 
>one for 20 bucks!  A dead one's worth that just for the pleasure of 
>clicking the clicky dials.  All of mine were still dead-nuts 
>accurate when they came in (and had not been calibrated since the 
>last millenium)


Marv Gozum
Philadelphia, PA  

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