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Marvin E. Gozum marvin.gozum at jefferson.edu
Thu Apr 26 12:56:00 UTC 2012

Thank you Andreas, for the effort.  Yes, I located the 2N types 
online too.  That list of key parts is from the service manual, p.14.


The google copy is sourced from ko4bb's manual archive page, in the 
non-indexed section.  It could have been moved, follow main link:


At 06:04 PM 4/25/2012, Andreas Jahn wrote:
>At least the 2N-Types can be found:
>For the rest: did you really read the type number or something like 
>the datecode (TI0421)
>With best regards
>>I looked up the transistors in the 2020B and 5020 and half of them 
>>are unobtanium.  By chance, does anyone have the specs of 
>>these?  I've tried the web based resources and located 2 transistor 
>>specs, and were barely readable.
>>Does anyone know what these voltage references where?
>>Voltage References


Marv Gozum
Philadelphia, PA 

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