[volt-nuts] Solartron 7081 NVM FAIL (David C. Partridge)

Михаил timka2k at yandex.ru
Fri Apr 27 04:22:14 UTC 2012

Hi, David!
My 7081 meter has a label
HC137/10 076
3k 82k
Zener current token is 076.

Mickle T.

Friday, April 27, 2012, 4:41:00 AM, you wrote:
DCP> Joe Trantham report his meter has a label w/r ST/258/28  081 and his zener calibration token is 081
DCP> This looks promising, as my 7071 (now mostly back together) has a token
DCP> value of 085 which matches its label. 

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