[volt-nuts] HP 419 (WAS: Fluke 335A versus HP 740B)

Charles P. Steinmetz charles_steinmetz at lavabit.com
Sun Dec 16 23:34:06 UTC 2012

Christopher wrote:

>The oldest has a oval 3 pin AC connector.
>A newer one has a standard IEC socket.
>Both of these have 3 battery packs made of some form of coin cell, NiCd,
>225ma, 5 to a stack.

These are what I'm familiar with (I presume you mean 4 packs, not 
3?).  The batteries are Y-5201, long obsolete.

>The newest 419 is different.  Different battery holder, and uses 4 packs
>of 5 1/3AA cells.  These are not common, but are not that hard to get.
>Now, converting an older unit would not be hard.  The only thing diff is
>the mount and the packs themselves.
>shopping for 20 good tabbed 1/3AA cells.  Solder 5, inline
>shrinktube, repeat 4 more times and done.

Thanks very much for this information!

Yesterday I tried to post a message with a drawing of the older 
battery installation, but it was rejected as oversize.

A very good US source for the best quality NiCd cells is SR Batteries 
<http://www.srbatteries.com/>.  He can also build packs with welded 
straps and tabs (soldering directly to the cell almost always 
substantially reduces the life of NiCds, no matter how careful you 
are).  I do not know if he can supply 1/3AA cells, but it is worth 
checking.  (No connection other than satisfied customer.)

Best regards,


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