[volt-nuts] Datron 4000 DC/I/R Standard

Andy Bardagjy andybardagjy at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 15:31:04 UTC 2012

Hi folks, in a moment of weakness I picked up a (presumably broken) Datron 4000 Autocal Standard.

It's a pretty neat device, the 4000A has a higher spec voltage reference and is claimed to be "suitable for 8.5 digit cal". Spec sheet:


Now of course Datron is gone, first to Wavetek, then Fluke? but I wonder if anyone has any experience with the Datron 4000 or an electronic copy of the user and/or service manual. Also, does anyone know about the gas discharge displays in Datron gear of that era? I'm afraid mine are gonna be broken.

Thanks much, 

Andy Bardagjy

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