[volt-nuts] Agilent 3458A Positive Experience

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
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My 'home cal' event used a Fluke 731B read by a recently calibrated (by
Ametek) Solartron 7081 and a Gray Inst. Co. 10K resistor read by the 7081
and an HP 3326A feeding a short piece of RG58 connected to a TEK 50 ohm BNC
(f) to BNC (m) termination plugged into a Pomona BNC to banana adapter.

I am away from home this weekend but will be back on Sunday.

As I recall (I will have to refer to the calibration documents) the only
issue for the HP unit was 2 of the 4 AC ranges were off slightly and the
Agilent unit was off on the DC Gain.  When I get home, I will dig the data
out.  Agilent provided an 'as received' assessment and an 'as calibrated'

I was amazed that I was able to do such a good job with my instruments.  It
gives me much confidence in the Solartron 7081, 731B, and 10K resistor as
well as the 3326A.

I had no way to really measure the AC voltage from the 3326A and I just used
it to supply the desired amplitude and frequency.  Makes me think the 3326A
is fairly accurate.

Another meter I recently had to calibrate was a 3478A where I needed an AC
current source.

What would the list recommend for a 'source' for AC current, as read by a
3458A, as a 'calibration source' for such efforts?


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This is great to know Joe.  Just curious, 'home cal'd' 3458a sounds 
like a challenge.  When you say 2 of the AC ranges were off, which 
ones?  Do you have a variable AC voltage and frequency source to use, 
or did you use some other substitute?

With the Agilent unit DC gain needing adjustment, did the any DC or 
ohms functions read off specifications before the Agilent was calibrated?

At 09:09 02/10/2012, J. L. Trantham wrote:
>requiring me to 're-cal' the meter using 'in house'
>After leaving the meters on for several weeks, with all functions seemingly
>correct, I sent both to Agilent for their Agilent Calibration for $579.81
>each.  Both passed (with my 'home-cal'd' unit being off on only 2 of the AC
>ranges and the Agilent unit being off only in the DC Gain) and were
>in about 10 days, amazingly fast.

Best Wishes,

Marv Gozum

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