[volt-nuts] Crazy price

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Also remember that there are (at least) two markets for test equipment, The hobbyist/nice to have buyer who wants a bargain. and the professional/collector who HAS to have regardless of cost. This is not just on ebay. I'm in avionics and it is particualry noticeable as sometimes a test specification calls up a piec of equipment with no alternative. Aircraft have long life spans, longer than test equipment production. Ther was a post a while ago about a "copy" HP voltmeter by JC air that was built for this reason.  A higly sepcialised bench test set with about $100 of "parts" value might fetch $5000 if the item it's used on is still in demand. Another near identical test set (for a now completly obsolete item) might not even get a bid.

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I friend e-mailed me this:


I have never bought anything from Ebay and I don't know the system
very well, but it seems that someone really paid $4300. Maybe there is
something that I am missing?

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