[volt-nuts] Solartron 7061 help request (eeprom?)

FabioEb at quipo.it FabioEb at quipo.it
Sun Feb 26 15:55:15 UTC 2012

> Hi, Fabio!
> I'm think answer is on the page 8.3 of the 7061 Operating Manual.
> Besides, 7071 manual says, that "Refresh" command must be executed to ensure
> EEPROM proper operation.
> Mickle T.

Hello, Mickle
I reread the manual, but I'm not sure to understand it correctly,
it seem to me that Refresh command writes the actual Calibration
constants to EEPROM. I haven't tried yet to recalibrate it.
Now I'm curious if this eeprom is corrupted.
Since now I don't have all the necessary to calibrate it I don't
want to try yet.


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