[volt-nuts] The Mini Metrology Lab from Electronics Now, March 1996

Marvin Gozum Marvin.Gozum at jefferson.edu
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Chopper amps can make good DIY transfer references.

The Krohn Hite or EDC MV106 [ and its derivatives such as the MV105, 106C and many of their dial-up analog voltage references] use a very similar design, to great effect.  Its spec sheet is fairly conservative and rates is accuracy typically 10x worse due to its wider operating conditions, but in a temp controlled room my actual 30 day stability is 4ppm at 10V, and <=2 ppm in 24 hrs.  The 106 can resolve down to 100nV, the limits of my HP3456a.  Given the costs of a ppm reference, its well worth building if you can't get a used EDC reasonably.

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