[volt-nuts] Suggestions for Calibrators or Calibration Standards

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Sun Jul 22 21:00:06 UTC 2012

I am considering adding some 'standards' to my shop.  I am interested in the
ability to calibrate DMM's, using my Agilent Calibrated 3458A as a 'transfer

I have a Fluke 731B 10 VDC standard, a Fluke 335A DC Voltage Standard that
goes to 1000 VDC, and some selected standard resistors from 0.1 ohm to 10
KOhm in decade steps.

I also have an EDC CR103 DC Voltage and Current Standard that goes to
11.11110 VDC and 111.1110 mA.

In order to complete this 'lab', I would need an AC Voltage Standard and an
AC Current Standard.

What suggestions would there be to address this?

I have thought about a Fluke 5100B as well as a 5450A Resistance Standard,
and 5400A AC Voltage Standard.

If I use my 3458A as the 'transfer standard', I can use it to provide the
additional 'digits' beyond the 5100B.

I also have some LCR meters but I don't have any capacitance or inductance

Once I have this sorted out, I could 'off load' my earlier, redundant,

I would appreciate any and all thoughts about what to add to my 'lab'.

Thanks in advance.


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