[volt-nuts] Fluke 5200A AC Calibrator

David C. Partridge david.partridge at perdrix.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 02:59:11 UTC 2012

Replying to my own post - but I do have highly pertinent information:

I received an email from a person I know at Ametek:

>As for the lower frequencies, did you try using the AC filter button?
>I tried my (annually calibrated) 7081 on a Fluke 5720A before leaving
>work and at 50Hz I got virtually the same reading as you, 1.00367.
>Selecting the AC filter gave a much improved reading of 1.00002.
>I haven't got the operating manual to hand but I seem to remember it
>recommending using the filter at 50Hz and below.

He was pretty much on the mark, though the manual recommends the filter
be used below 1kHz!

With AC filter engaged:

 Frequency  Reading    Error
 50Hz       0.999996   .0004%
 100Hz      0.999868   .0132%  <--- A little high but not bad 

The 500kHz and 1MHz figures are also within specification for the 7081

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Checking the output is against my 7081, here is what I'm see on the 1V range set for 1V (the other ranges show a very similar pattern):

 Frequency  Reading    Error
 50Hz       1.00371    .371%  <--- Surprisingly high 
 100Hz      1.00091    .091%  <--- Surprisingly high 

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