[volt-nuts] Solartron 7061 ROM and behaviour questions (washelp request (eeprom?))

Михаил timka2k at yandex.ru
Wed Mar 28 17:20:12 UTC 2012

Hi, Fabio!
Can you make a scan copy of the Solartron 7061 maintenance manual pages with the
description of temperature compensation for the reference diode? It is very
interesting! Are the Zener temperature tests was described in the manual?

Mickle T.

Friday, March 23, 2012, 4:23:57 PM, you wrote:
FE> Finally the manual saga ended :
FE> today the 7061 maintenance manual arrived,
FE> it's photocopied (or laser printed maybe),
FE> very clean and readable.

FE> I had only the time to read superficially,
FE> but I liked the description of temperature
FE> compensaiton for the reference diode,
FE> now I only need a controlled climatic chamber
FE> to play with :)

FE> I received as bonus a 7075 operator manual
FE> original (not photocopied), it will be
FE> nice companion to the 7075 that I received
FE> recently.

FE> Fabio.

FE> Fabio Eboli <FabioEb at quipo.it> ha scritto:

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