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That's very interesting information.  A couple of things that I'm curious about:

1. What is your typical TEMP? reading when your external sensor reads 23C?

2. Do you see any difference between averaging 10 readings w/ NPLC=100
versus 1 reading w/ NPLC=1000?  That is, if I want to spend a given amount of
time taking a measurement, does it make any difference to let the 3458A do the
averaging over a longer integration time or can I just average multiple readings
with a shorter integration time?

3. Have you see any unusual change in output immediately following
ACAL?  I haven't
investigated it thoroughly, but I'm seeing a slight increase in DCV
readings immediately
following an ACAL.  The offset goes away after a few minutes .  See
the attached plot
(with ACAL DC every 24 hours, measurements every 30 minutes, spikes are clearly


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