[volt-nuts] Impedance bridge information

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Fri May 25 16:13:26 UTC 2012

You might find the GenRad (GR) Yahoo Group useful.

HP also made some RF bridges in their early days.




> Hi,
> I do not know if it is a topic for here, but it is about precision
> messurements.
> For my collection and learing through measuring the old , "back to the
> basics" way,  I am looking for a bridge to measure things like small caps,
> dielectric constants ad other "weard" parameters. I have several VNA's and
> RLC bridges but they used to make bridges that you can see as a manual
> VNA. It gave R and jX, sometimes with build in detector and oscillator,
> sometimes using these external.
> But there are so many bridges, from general purpose to special measuring
> things ( like the resistance from a detonator) and from general purpose to
> high precision that I am lost. I think GR or Wayne Kerr made the best
> ones. I'm to young to have experience with them and never seen one for
> real.
> Can someone give me a hint what to search for. For instance the right name
> of such a bridge ( i think Z/Y or admittance cq impedance bridge) and what
> is important so I can determ if they are for what I want and not just a
> allround LCR bridge.
> I want to measure the more extreme things like ESR, fF, delectric
> proporties/losses ect but for most I love old precision measurement
> instruments which make you think about what you do and have lots of knobs
> instead of menus.
> Fred PA4TIM
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