[volt-nuts] impedance bridges

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Sat May 26 18:26:39 UTC 2012

At what frequency do you want to measure your things? 1kHz, 1MHz, and 1GHz
are VERY different.



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>> Can someone give me a hint what to search for. For instance the right
>> name of such a bridge ( i think Z/Y or admittance cq impedance bridge)
>> and what is important so I can determ if they are for what I want and
>> not just a allround LCR bridge.
>> I want to measure the more extreme things like ESR, fF, delectric
>> proporties/losses ect but for most I love old precision measurement
>> instruments which make you think about what you do and have lots of
>> knobs instead of menus.
>> Fred PA4TIM
> Hi Fred -- I think the best all-around (meaning most accurate when cal'd)
> manually-operated general bridge is the ESI 250DE. 4 digits resolution
> worst case with built in 1kHz oscillator and detector, and with DC source
> and detector for resistance. Mine is overall better than 0.1% on C and L,
> and runs about 0.03%or better  on resistance. ESI made all their own
> resistors and the Dekapot at the heart of the 250DE is just terrific. The
> range resistors on mine all checked better than 0.01% measured with my HP
> 3458A.
> A good alternative is the GR 1656 -- but the 1650 and 650, etc are really
> not in this class, lacking an accurately readable dial.
> Dick Moore
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