[volt-nuts] Fluke 731A Manual

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That sounds good.  I'll at least have one.

If it is not too long, I can scan it and put it on Didier's site.


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> Jean-Louis,
> Thanks for the link.  I had not found that site before.  It has some
> interesting manuals and outstanding scans.
> However, I did not see the 731A listed.  I found the 731B, the 732A
> and the 732B.
> The 731A is a 'Transfer Standard', older than the 731B and completely
> different inside.
> I just got one that I would like to 'restore'.  I have it up and
> working, close to the stated voltages, but I need to get more info before 
> I go
> digging into it.
> I just saw a 731A manual appear on theBay and we'll see if I can get
> it.
> Thanks for the help.
> Joe
> Hi J.L.
> From: "J. L. Trantham" <jltran at att.net>
>> Does anyone have a Fluke 731A manual available?  PDF or print?
> http://www.on4jln.be/infos/manuals.shtml
> Bye,
> Jean-Louis

If you can't get the manual that you saw on Ebay, you can buy an original at


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