[volt-nuts] Resistors for LTZ1000A circuit

Frank Stellmach frank.stellmach at freenet.de
Tue Dec 10 17:49:19 EST 2013

well the schematic is the same as in the LT specification.
My PCB is a prototype, and I would not like to publish it, because it 
contains several bugs.
One one those bugs led to the first change of the initial LT 
specification, i.e. I discovered the parasitic diode in parallel to  the 
heater, by reversing the polarity.

I did not put any taobao.. link anyywhere, so I don't know what you 
mean, sorry.


>Is there a drawing or scan for the PCB for this circuit?  Are the boards or
>completed assemblies available for purchase?
>The links to the taobao.com site in the blog are obviously dead; they lead
>to a department store type retail site.
>Dave M

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