[volt-nuts] Datron 1281 User- and Servicemanual

Mikael Alexandersson Micke at neptuni.se
Mon Dec 23 06:12:10 EST 2013


I have the user- and servicemanual for the Datron 1281 in papperform, I 
might have the time to scan them later, are there any specific pages the 
you (M K) would like to start with?

I have saved an 1281 from my former employer, who put it on the shelf when 
it died and they bought an Fluke 8508A instead.

The 1281 is now working almost perfect after replacing all the electlytic 
caps on the digital board (to get it functional...), and then replacing the 
tantals on the Ohms board to get ohm working (there was a shorted tantal 
lowering the supply to an amp from 6.2 volt to 0.6V...)

Now its only LoI that behaves a little odd in a few ranges.

The 1281 is calibrated and run thrue all selttests an selfcal (calibrated 
against a Datron 4708)

Please let me know if I can help you.

Best Regards,

Mikale Alexandersson, Sweden 

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