[volt-nuts] Fluke 732A Questions

T. Micallef tmicallef at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 23:03:31 EST 2013


I don't know if it makes any difference but my manual is for the 732A/AN p/n

I found a couple of brochures that I scanned and uploaded too.

I forgot to mention, I have been collecting information regarding the
techniques used to do intercomparisons using scanners like the Data Proof
models. While searching a couple of weeks ago, I came across an old document
from a Measurement Science Conference back in 1983. The document contains an
article regarding the testing of the Fluke 735C. I thought you may have
little to no info regarding your reference and thought I would let you know
about it.

The document is easy to find using google. It is named MSC1983.pdf
I will upload it as well, but I was not sure if Didier wants to track
conference docs.


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