[volt-nuts] Fluke 732A Questions

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I don't have any history on my 732As either. M y 3458As & 2002  are out of cal too so I'm running blind with all my stuff :o) 

I'm hoping to find a cheap 732B and have my CAL lab buddy sneak it into work and do a poor mans cal on it. (hard to do with a 732A) 

He does this each year with my L&N 4214 10K standards but he's getting close to retirement.    I wish Fluke had a cheap cal for the hobbyist - Jeff     

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Too late. 

I have already moved the jumpers and adjusted all of the front panel adjustments to achieve the desired output voltages. 

Since I don't have any 'historical' data about the performance of my specific unit, I will 'start from scratch' on the unit I now have.  Whether to send it out for calibration or just keep it, adjusted by the 3458A, and watch from now on is the issue. 

I don't have enough data to decide about long term stability at this point but I am gaining valuable information about how long it will last on batteries and how to go about preparing it for shipment for calibration if I go that way. 

Thanks for the input. 


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