[volt-nuts] solartron 7062, and solartron history question

Fabio Eboli FabioEb at quipo.it
Sat Jan 12 14:47:43 UTC 2013

Hello, the 7061 service manual* is shared between
7061 and 7062 models. And the 7062 is superficially
described as identical to 7061 performance-wise
but with simplified front panel operations, because
is designed for dedicate systems use.

Has anybody experience with the 7062?
Is it really identical to 7061?
On the front panel of my 7061 there
is written "7061 Systems Voltmeter"
But I've seen some photos where it's
written "SI 7061", what is the reason?
Different revisions? Different parent

If I'm not mistaken solartron has passed
many hands before becoming Ametek, when
the production of these meter was stopped?

I havent still understood if the correct
partnumber is SI706x or 706x or both :)


*By the way the service manual is
now uploading on Didier's site ;)

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