[volt-nuts] vSolartron7081 rom reading (m k)

Bill Ezell wje at quackers.net
Fri Jan 18 01:20:55 UTC 2013

BTW, make absolutely sure you save the Zener current token value 
somewhere safe. The rest of the cal constants can be recovered with some 
good calibration standards, but the Zener value takes some pretty 
specialized calibration.

I think the performance of the 7081 is really phenomenal given that the 
reference is a non-ovenized Zener. It gets this by individually setting 
the Zener current to the value that gives the minimal voltage change for 
temperature change, then injecting a 2nd-order correction factor.

The moral of this story is that the current token setting is specific to 
the Zener, and you'd need a good temperature-controlled chamber and a 
lot of time to replicate.

Bill Ezell
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