[volt-nuts] Low EMF solder

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Mon Jan 21 13:45:57 EST 2013

Buy a proper gas mask and some lead and cadmium powder from goodson metals?

Dont skimp on the gas mask though, there was a recent case of someone trying to rescue the silver contacts from some old relays that happened to contain cadmium silver alloy.


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> Subject: [volt-nuts] Low EMF solder
> Please excuse me for asking this... I'm sure it's been covered before, but 
> without an easy way to search the archives, here goes.
> I'm repairing a couple of old Holt 323A Audio Voltage Standards, trying to 
> make one good one out of two.  These instruments used to have small hanks of 
> special low EMF solder to use on sensitive areas, but they have long since 
> vanished from these units.  I've tried using Sn-Pb solders, but the units go 
> into a tizzy when I use it.
> Does anyone know of a source where I could buy a few ounces of the solder? 
> I think it's a Tin-Cadmium formula, but I guess that because of the Cadmium 
> content, it's pretty much unobtanium now.  I'm sure that another formula 
> must exist that is currently being manufactured, but they want to sell a 
> bunch, not just a few ounces.
> Suggestions?
> Dave M 
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