[volt-nuts] Some questions to zeners (1N823-1N829)

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Hello Ed,

> - you probably haven't seen the right one yet.
Yes it seems to be so.

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> Don't bother with TC zeners, especially for battery operated equipment. 
> There are lots of nice IC references available from Analog Devices, Maxim, 
> Linear Technology, TI, an so on, that will run rings around TCZs - you 
> probably haven't seen the right one yet. The TCZs will only provide near 
> zero tempco at one temperature only, so would have to be ovenized to get 
> best performance. They also have an initial voltage tolerance up to a few 
> percent, so the circuit would need tweaks and maybe amplification that add 
> more error yet. I doubt that any TCZ will match an LM399 even with very 
> elaborate circuitry to support it.
> I think the Maxim MAX3650 family would be hard to beat for a low power 5 V 
> reference - my super-duper voltage standard (yet to built) will use four 
> of them averaged together, and operated at constant temperature.
> If you state what kind of performance you're looking for, it would be 
> easier to make recommendations.
> Ed
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