[volt-nuts] 7081 AC buffer *again*

J. L. Trantham jltran at att.net
Tue Jan 29 23:14:56 EST 2013

Is it possible that it is, somehow, 'picking up interference' from your
'house standard'?  How close to 10.000 000 000 MHz is it?

100 mV P-P is fairly substantial.  Otherwise, is it oscillating?

Good luck.


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I've returned to the 7081 that was giving me troubles in the AC buffer

Probing the output test point (TP 705) I'm seeing about 100mV pp (approx) at
about 10MHz.  This would likely explain the strange results I was getting
last year.  However I'm puzzled as to where it can be coming from!!!  Any
suggestions gratefully received.

David Partridge

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