[volt-nuts] Seek full Manual - EDC DC millivolt calibrator E100C

Charles Black cblack at centurytel.net
Sun Mar 17 22:29:37 EDT 2013


Too bad your so far away since I wouldn't mind comparing your 10v 
standard against my Datron 4910 just for the fun of it.. The 4910 was 
calibrated by Fluke about a year ago. All four channels ha.ve been 
stable within a few microvolts in my lab over the last year. So far it 
hasn't been compared to the outside world though and I really  should do 
some comparisons to be sure that everything is OK.


On 3/17/2013 12:32 PM, cfo wrote:
> Guyzz
> I just bought a EDC DC millivolt calibrator E100C ,
> is $215  a fair price ?
> I expect to  get it  this week.
> I think it's the same as the Kron-Hite E100RC.
> The KronHite-Manual says it stops after section3
> (and $$ for the full manual)  , the other has to section 4.
> See http://tinyurl.com/capynjd
> So i was wondering anyone has the full manual for either the KH E100R
> or even better the EDC E100C
> Any hints or quirks , also much appreciated.
> I have an Agilent 34401A , and a Geller 10v ref (6 month old) , so i hope
> i can verify it.
> Denmark
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