[volt-nuts] Data Proof 160A

ed breya eb at telight.com
Sat Mar 30 21:39:22 EDT 2013

I believe you'll find that those are not special low-emf relays - 
they are also known as "printact" relays, used in some HP and 
Tektronix equipment of the era for signal switching. Since they latch 
in either state, no coil power is needed to keep it, so the 
temperature can stabilize at ambient, leaving no gradient, so very 
little contact or connection emf, until a state change is needed.

Unfortunately, you can't just pull them out and re-use as complete 
separate relays - the stator contacts are the gold plated pads on the 
board, while the armature contacts reside in the coil housing. Even 
if you never need the unit and decide to junk it, save those parts - 
they are getting fairly rare and important for maintenance of certain 


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