[volt-nuts] Micrel Ripple Blocker

kevin-usenet at horizon.com kevin-usenet at horizon.com
Sun May 12 23:51:38 EDT 2013

> The Micrel datasheet shows a pretty standard source follower
> configuration.  I checked similar low dropout/low noise regulators
> from Linear Technology and they have similar output noise and power
> supply rejection.

A source follower is an unusual choice for an LDO, since in theabsence
of a separate bias supply input, it requires a complex charge pump to
bias the gate.

re there a significant number like that?  The LTC3035 uses that style
internally, but is optimized for VLDO, and only has 40 dB attentuation at
100 kHz, rather than 60.

Could I inquire which parts you looked at that had similar PSRR?
They would be useful to know about.

Thank you!

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