[volt-nuts] cadmium solder alloy for low thermal emf?

Volker Esper ailer2 at t-online.de
Thu May 30 17:22:14 EDT 2013

Getting cadmium alloy isn't as difficult as it seems. I've got an offer 
from a factory 20km away (http://www.chemet.de 
<blocked::blocked::http://www.chemet.de/>), that sells 18%-cadmium 
solder (S-Sn50Pb32Cd18 / DIN EN ISO 9453), but I have to order 1kg at a 
price of 70 Euro. Moreover, I'm not sure, if the Cd18 solder works, 
since all the sources recommend a 50% cadmium alloy.

If there are appropriate alternatives (e.g. Pb90Sn10?), I'm going to 
avoid cadmium, of course.


Am 30.05.2013 19:25, schrieb Frank Stellmach:
> Hello,
> Cd in electronics is forbidden for a long time already.
> Therefore, agilent will not use it in its DMM,especially in the newer 
> units.
> I've tried to get Cd alloy also, but did not get any, obviously for 
> the same reason.
> Frank
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