[volt-nuts] PVC caps for RF connectors.

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 06:13:19 EDT 2013

Some time back I needed to purchase some caps to cover RF connectors.
Despite only wanting a couple of hundred of each, I was unable to get
small quantities, so had to buy either 2500 or 5000 of each, so I have
a few to spare. If anyone wants to cover their plugs and sockets to
stop dirt and damage, they might interest you.

They come from Caplugs. The data on them is available from here.


The types I bought are:

VC-812-8 (Suites male N plugs, Male PL259, NMD connectors and APC7)
VC-625-8 (Suites female N, female S0239)
VC-343-8 (Suites male SMA, female BNC)

If anyone wants any, I'm selling them in multiples of 50. I've put
price in GBP (my own currency) but also USD. I've used an exchange
rate of 1 GBP = $1.70 USD. It will probably be cheaper for someone to
buy them in GBP, not USD, but the USD option is there. It depends on
the rate Paypal give you. They give me a pretty poor rate converting
from USD balance to my UK bank account.

Small - for male SMA and female BNC - £6 ($10.20) for 50 caps
Medium - for female N, female S0239,  - £8 ($13.60) for 50 caps.
Large - for male N, male PL259, APC7 and NMD - £8 ($13.60) for 50 caps

UK shipping is fixed at £4.20, irrespective of the number sent.

International shipping rates depend on the size and number of caps, as
the cost obviously rises with weight, and unlike the UK, the cost is
significant due to the need for me to get them tracked internationally.

£10.50 ($17.85) shipping for 50 of the smallest size (50 for male SMA)
£13 ($22.1) shipping for 50 of either of the larger two sizes (50 for
either male N or female N)
£14 ($23.80) shipping for 50 of each size (150 caps in total).
£20 ($34) shipping for 100 of each sizes (300 caps in total)

[See below how to reduce the international shipping prices]

So some typical total prices, based on 50 or 100 of each, which most
people seem to want, are:

* 50 of each size (150 caps) shipped to the UK is £26.20
* 50 of each size (150 caps), shipped outside the UK is £36.00 (GBP)
or $61.20 USD

* 100 of each size (300 caps), shipped to the UK is £48.20
* 100 of each size (300 caps), shipped outside the UK is £64 (GBP) or
$108.8 (USD)

If someone wants to send money as "Friend and family", rather than
Goods, which means you lose all Paypal buyer-protection, I don't mind
knocking £6 off the international carriage cost, and I'll send them
with no tracking, at 100% your risk. I'll get proof of posting, but
that is all. Unfortunately on a low value item, the shipping cost is
more than the item, but I can't do much about that.

Paypal to drkirkby at gmail.com if you want any.

Dave, G8WRB.

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