[volt-nuts] Fluke 735C - Information Needed

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The NiCd pack (of five 'units', side by side, with each 'unit' being two 1/2
D cells stacked on top of each other) is 12 V 2.2 AH,  GE Cat. No. JF 479147
8249.  I suspect the '8249' is a date code and they look original.  The Cal
date was also Feb 82.

I found 1.2 V 2.5 AH 1/2 D cells for $5.50 ea. On the internet.  I would
like to find a cheaper source since I need 20 of them, enough for two packs,
one pack on each side of the Battery PCB.  I'll also need some 'thin' heat
shrink tubing to go around the 2 cell 'units'.

I could also use some 'spare' 1/2 D cells for the battery packs in my
5061A's and B's.

I wonder what would be better, SLA or NiCd's?  The NiCd's had 'spewed' and
corroded the PCB a bit but I have that cleaned up.  I have seen SLA's (in
UPS's) 'shrivel' and get very hot as they die.

I'll have to take a look at the 732A manual to see what it's battery
construction looks like.


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Joe wrote:

>I need to fabricate a couple of 12 V NiCd battery packs using 1/2 D 

Does it have NiCds now?  If so, do they look original?  The 732A uses SLA
batteries (originally 4x 6v, but most folks replace them with 2x 12v).  If
it has SLAs or gel cells (or originally did), you should replace them with
the same so the charger works properly.

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