[volt-nuts] Fluke 735C - Information Needed

Will willvolts at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 11:11:42 EDT 2013

>I posted this on the 6th and it appeared.
>It was answered once and I responded.
>I have a heavy couple of weeks coming up so it will
>likely be late September or early October before
>I get a chance to further investigate.

I guess you are not the only one who is busy at work. That could
explain the slow answering. And I already told pretty much all I

The 735 prototypes were some sort of  "missing link" between the 731B
and the 732A. The project probably started as a "temperature
stabilized 731B" and the reference circuitry of the C version was
quite close to the commercial 732A.

>Do you have any 'specifications' or other documents about it?

I think the 735 series was an R&D project rather than a commercial
product. Someone who worked for Fluke could have something.

>The 'TH' resistance read about 8000 ohms (IIRC) and slowly
>came down as the unit 'warmed up'.  This AM it is about 3330 ohms.
>I'd love to know what the 'normal value' of this is at operating temperature.

3300 ohms => 50 - 55 C oven temperature. The actual value is not
important, if the resistance is stable the oven works as it should.

>The NiCd pack (of five 'units', side by side, with each 'unit' being
>two 1/2 D cells stacked on top of each other) is 12 V 2.2 AH

The charger circuitry could be closer to the 731B than the 732A...

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