[volt-nuts] Fluke 735C - Information Needed

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Sep 10 23:29:47 EDT 2013

Nope, I was talking about GE and their early Nicads..

And, the cylindrical sealed LEAD acid cells were also
originally commercialized by GE.  They later spun off
that division to became GATES.

I had an old SOLA UPS that was made in the mid 1960's
that was full of GE SLA's... The color scheme of the
cells was exactly the same as the later GATES cells.
(Black bottom, white top with red trim...)

and I had an old Sulzer 2.5A double oven oscillator
that was full of the GE Nicads from about 1960.

GE was big in battery research in the late 50's, early

I don't recall the exact order, but there is a big
connection between GE, Gould, and GATES batteries.

... both Nicads and SLA's.

-Chuck Harris

J. L. Trantham wrote:
> Chuck,
> Do you mean 'commercialize the cylindrical sealed LEAD cells'?  The
> cylindrical cells in the 6 V battery that powers the HP 5315A is a Gates
> Joe
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> As I recall, GE was first to commercialize the cylindrical sealed Nicad
> cells.  They spun off their battery division to Gould, then to GATES... or
> some such memory muddled permutation like that...
> -Chuck Harris

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