[volt-nuts] VS330

Marv @ Home marvin.gozum at comcast.net
Sat Sep 21 11:25:22 EDT 2013

Finally got to see it, thanks for making it available, its now online 
via K04BB's site.  Its very similar to its other voltage references 
such as the MV106 but the best thing is its impressive voltage range 
at ~30ppm/yr worse case accuracy.

At 12:32 AM 9/12/2013, Joseph Gray wrote:
>I did finally get a manual for the EDC VS330 DC Voltage Standard from
>Khron-Hite. I asked them if it was OK to upload it the the KO4BB site.
>After two weeks and no reply, I figured they didn't care, so I uploaded it.
>It should appear for download sometime soon.
>Joe Gray

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