[volt-nuts] Marconi 2610 True RMS voltmeter

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Mon Sep 30 19:40:22 EDT 2013

Good day all,

While not of typical volt nuts high resolution accuracy, I recently 
acquired a Marconi 2610 True RMS Voltmeter.

It is quite intuitive to use and have managed to put it through it's 
paces without the benefit of a user manual but it does have a GPIB 
interface and I would like to know a bit more about the voltmeter.

Unfortunately I have struck out searching online for a user or service 
manual for this voltmeter, lots of other Marconi test equipment but not 
this one.

I am hoping someone on the list might be able to point me to an online 
source for such a manual.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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