[volt-nuts] Voltage standard spotted for sale, 4410

Jason Watson watson.jason at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 13:14:22 EDT 2014

The Guildline 4410 technical manual can now be found on Didier's website (
http://www.ko4bb.com/manuals/).  Look in the Recent Uploads folder until
Didier gets it moved around.

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 3:26 AM, roman's ebay <romeo987 at westnet.com.au>

> Hi All
> Newcomer to the list. Been watching it since I came across it about a month
> ago. Didn't realise that I wasn't the ONLY person in the world obsessed
> with
> having an accurate volt in my back yard for no reason other than that I
> can.....:-)
> This discussion about the Statronics VS4 particularly got my interest. I
> have one courtesy of fleabay about 4 years ago, for the princely sum of $20
> plus delivery (mine was the only bid, which (together with the quad
> Standard
> Cell box for about the same) is why I thought I was alone...).  The VS4
> (and
> indeed the Standard Cell Box) appears to work very well and all outputs
> have
> maintained their relativity over that time within the limits of my
> measurement patience, even after about a year powered down after I moved
> house. Plan to start doing some serious tracking real soon now.
> Each of the 4 independent cells in the VS4 consist of 8 selected, matched
> and aged LM329s with matched resistors (all off the same reel of Evanohm,
> selected mica cards, etc), low drift amps etc all contained in a controlled
> oven. The Statronics stability spec is -2 +-2ppm per year (after year one).
> The unit was conceived and designed by the CSIRO who run (or at least ran)
> the Australian National Measurement Laboratory, so I would guess that the
> spec is conservative. If Will is correct about  the Gould 4410/Fluke 732A,
> these must be pretty good devices. I suspect I won't get one of them for
> $20!
> I saw Ben's question about the manual, and Tom's response about the 100
> page
> masters thesis. That would be interesting to read!  I have a copy of the
> Statronics VS4 Instruction Manual Issue 2 which is only about 70 pages,
> half
> of which is a treatise on statistical intercomparisons and a HP-85 Basic
> program. But the first 38 pages contain what I would expect - user
> instructions, design descriptions, schematics, etc. Unfortunately, I don't
> have an electronic copy, nor ready access to a scanner.
> Ben, I note you are in Australia. Whereabouts? I am in Adelaide. Maybe I
> can
> get the hard copy to you some way.
> Roman
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> > I am not sure the use of LM329's was a cost saving measure or
> > compromise, actually the 4410 uses a different approch, it's basicly is a
> big oven.
> > Guildline has been a Metrology leader for decades and  has been a
> > leader including  temp measurements and oil baths so I for one would
> > be interested in how well their approach to a voltage standard performs.
> The 4410 was not designed or manufactured by Guildline. Just like many of
> the products sold under their brand name.
> At the time of design the LTZ1000 was not yet available and the Fluke ref
> amp was obviously property of Fluke only. The only same level technology
> available to all manufactueres was the 1N829 zener which if carefully
> selected and matched can be as good as LTZ1000. Datron calibrators with
> multiple selected, aged and matched 1N829 zeners are a good example of
> that.
> The original 100 page (Statronics) documentation seems to be a masters
> thesis rather than a product manual and has a detailed description of the
> design process. The text mentions that the 1N829 temperature compensated
> zeners were discarded because of the poor availability in Australia where
> the unit was developed. The LM399/LM329 series was selected because it was
> the "best available". Band-gap type references were also evaluated but
> found
> unsatisfactory at the early stage.
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