[volt-nuts] Multimeter input terminal wear

Marv @ Home marvin.gozum at comcast.net
Sat Aug 16 11:30:11 EDT 2014

I have some >30+ year old devices still in operation and over time, 
dirt and less so, oxidation of the contact surfaces, are more 
problems than the integrity of the jack's connection by 
friction.  Manufacturers and counterfeiter can make very poor jacks, 
but the good ones have been trouble free.

When specified, the spec sheet entry for jack 'wear' is called 
"mating durability cycles" or variations in those words.  The typical 
brand name banana jack is rated to > 10,000 mating cycles, i.e, 
connect-disconnect.  Thus, is would imply the less you un/mate it, 
the longer it last.

At 06:37 AM 8/16/2014, Andrea Baldoni wrote:
>When the multimeter is not in use for some time (say, a day), do you 
>think it's
>better to leave the banana plugs inserted, or to take them out?
>There is a certain wear in plugging and unplugging, but letting 
>always in could
>enlarge the input jacks as well.
>Best regards,
>Andrea Baldoni
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