[volt-nuts] Guildline 9578 / Solartron 7081 Schaffner Replacement

Todd Micallef tmicallef at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 21:28:49 EDT 2014

I recently purchased a defective 9578 and have been able to get it working
(so far). Everything appears to be responding now through the front panel
and the serial port. I wanted to let the meter run for several days to
settle in but with the recent postings of Schaffner input filters failing
shorted, I went ahead and ordered new replacements for this unit and my
other 7061.

The new model is the FN372-2-22 and all pinouts appear to match based on
manufacturers datasheets. The only snag that I have run into is a 1Meg
resistor soldered across the output of the filter. I looked in the service
manual and there is no mention of this part. I know others here have
replaced the Schaffner filters and I would like to know if there is any
benefit to adding this resistor?

Once I get this burned in I will want to go through the calibration
procedure as soon as I order some Fischer connectors. I just need to know
if I need two of the S104A053 connectors for shorting the front and rear ,
or can I get away with just one?

I have a complete set of cables that came with my 7061, but I will have to
make a separate cable for the ratio reference input.

Also, I would like to thank Dave Partridge and Mickle T for their detailed
repairs that were helpful in diagnosing the several problems I found with
this meter.


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