[volt-nuts] HP3458A cal ram data dumper

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I am very interested in this.  

I downloaded the file, saved it, double clicked the .EXE and got 'The program can't start because gpibib.dll is missing from your computer'.  What do I need to do with the .CPP file?  Do I need to install John Miles GPIBKIT library?

I already have MS Visual Studio 2010 Express installed.

Thanks for your help and please my 'EXTREME Newbie' status when it comes to working with 'code'.

I'm trying to install on a Win7Pro 64bit Core i7 laptop.

I have Prologix USB/GPIB, NI USB-GPIB-HS, and HP 82367B adapters that I can use.

Any pointers very much appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.


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I have uploaded a .ZIP file with the source code and Windows .EXE file for the calibration/data memory data dumper program here:

This output of this version of the program also produces a formatted/commented listing of what the various data values in the cal ram are.  
Program usage info is available by executing the program without any command line arguments.  Also see the comments at the start of the .CPP source code file.
Again,  this program is to be used in conjunction with John Miles GPIBKIT library.
Also many thanks to Poul-Henning Kamp for the hard work of documenting the HP3458 MREAD command and for figuring out everything about the cal ram memory map and contents.

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