[volt-nuts] Need Guildline 9975 Information

ben ben at veritechmeasurements.com.au
Wed Jan 1 22:10:51 EST 2014

Hello Joe,    If you're stuck for a manual I know that Manuals Plus have a 
paper copy for sale. Im also interested in the 9975, but have no experience 
with it. I would go you halves in buying the manual if you want - I would 
be happy with a scan.   Cheerio, ben.  

From: "Joe Hobart" <nova at npgcable.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 01, 2014 8:37 AM
To: volt-nuts at febo.com
Subject: [volt-nuts] Need Guildline 9975 Information 

A used Guildline 9975 DC Current Comparator Resistance Bridge arrived in a 
box yesterday.  After some repairs, the unit appears to work, but I have 
used one of these bridges before.

Why do I say it appears to work?  Here are two measurements comparing one 
resistors at 30 mA current:

   L&N 1 Ohm versus Resistor #2   0.9999372
   Resistor #2 versus L&N 1 Ohm   1.0000630

The above measurements appear consistent (or I got lucky), but there are 
controls/functions I do not understand how to set or use.

Does anyone have a Guildline 9975 manual I can buy or borrow and copy?

Who has experience with the 9975 and can give me some pointers?

Thanks and Happy New Year everyone,
Joe Hobart
Flagstaff, Arizona
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