[volt-nuts] PWM voltage divider

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Thu Jan 9 20:31:03 EST 2014

Randy wrote:

>Does anyone have sources for the Fluke 5440 manual and the Datron 
>4910 manuals with schematics.  I looked on K04BB's site and Fluke's 
>site  but all I could find were user manuals with no schematics.

The Fluke site has a copy of the 5440B/AF service manual (operator 
manual, too).  I just checked and it's still there.  The search 
function on the US site does not always work properly.  If you have 
problems, try the UK site.

Enough of the Datron schematics are posted to the eevblog to see 
what's going on, along with commentary.  It's in a thread on the LTZ1000.

Best regards,


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