[volt-nuts] Valhalla 2720GS

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I will agree with Mark on this one.  I asked them about a 2734A Direct
Voltage Reference Bank, competition to the Fluke 732A, and Valhalla said
that they had never made such an instrument.  Photos didn't change their
minds.  I think that since it never quite worked as well as the Fluke 732A,
Valhalla didn't really want to acknowledge the 2734A existence.  The unit is
very well made but it is subject to room temperature variations, far more
than the 732A.  For the average hobbyist it would be just great, but for a
Volt-Nut forget it.

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> Valhalla is still around..  I've purchased manuals from them (a bit
pricey,  low quality repros).   Email or call them and ask.  But on a couple
of their products they have disavowed all knowledge of their existence...
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